Using CRM to Bring Sales and Marketing Closer Together

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In this blog, we will walk you through how to bring sales and marketing closer together using a CRM solution.

Sales are an essential part of every organisation, and every organisation wants to increase their sales volumes. Therefore, organisations must actively look for new customers and retain their existing customers to achieve that.

To do this, you will need to bring your sales and marketing teams together to develop standard metrics, definitions, shared goals, and lead generation strategies. Aligning your sales and marketing strategies around a single set of targets will help to increase sales productivity and improve your ROI.

Unfortunately, many sales and marketing teams still work in silos and do not collaborate enough, negatively impacting a company’s ability to convert new customers and grow over the long term.

Many organisations struggle with identifying how to connect sales and marketing. However, you can align your two teams with the use of CRM. We will walk you through how CRM can bring your sales and marketing teams together.

Alignment of strategy and direction.

A CRM system can bring together all information from the different departments and systems in your organisation, offering a unified, 360 degree view of the customer in real-time. This will allow anyone working in sales or marketing to make quick, informed decisions on everything: from upselling and cross-selling, to improving the quality of customer communication and responsiveness, to coordinating the management of sales and marketing campaigns, to name a few.

Build cross-functional synergy.

Rather than simply allowing your teams to access the same information on a parallel basis, encourage your teams to talk to each other on a regular basis. Create meetings so your team leaders from marketing and sales can exchange information about their groups, review activities as well as what is working well and where additional focus is needed. This serves several purposes; for example, the teams may be able to exchange creative ideas or solve problems together more efficiently than they would apart.

Email Marketing – help with sales. Joint sales and marketing reports.

Another benefit to CRM is marketing automation, which helps automate some of your marketing activities. This process will allow your marketing to better support your sales in various ways, including:

  • Improving the lead qualification process.
  • Implementing a lead scoring mechanism.
  • Sending automated task notifications.
  • Tracking lead behaviours provides sales with more insight into their customer and prospect’s interests and buying preferences.
  • Running automated multichannel marketing campaigns to generate more leads for sales.
  • Giving sales insight into customer and prospect engagement with emails received.

Integrating your email marketing solution with your CRM software is essential so that data from both systems live in the same database. This improves your sales and marketing alignment as it lets sales and marketing view and work with the same data.

Use sales feedback to inform marketing strategies.

Your sales team will likely get to know your new customers on a more intimate level than your marketing team, which will give them an edge when it comes to customer insights. Therefore, your sales team should work with your marketing team to create more accurate buyer personas for your marketing team to work with and may even provide direction for new marketing campaigns targeted at those customers.

Nurture leads and improve lead quality.

One of the biggest potential limiting factors in your sales pipeline is the overall strength of your leads or the probability that prospects will eventually buy from you. For example, your marketing team might generate dozens of new leads a week, but if those leads are weak and prospects aren’t interested in making purchases, that doesn’t do your sales team much good. Independently, your marketing team will have a higher likelihood of focusing on quantity, but with your sales team in the mix, you’ll have the feedback and insights necessary to optimise a quality campaign leading to sales.

Working together to study what campaigns and communication methods work best to drive the best quality leads, marketing can adjust channels and communication methods accordingly. This can have multiple benefits for the organisation:

  • Save marketing budget on driving the right quality of leads into sales.
  • Save time in sales by not wasting time on poor quality leads.
  • Build improved trust between sales and marketing teams.
  • Continued sharing of ideas and improved collaboration.

Avoid miscommunication and duplicating efforts.

Miscommunication is a common issue in any organisation. A CRM solution can help to reduce miscommunication because all information pertinent to both sales and marketing is one place. Thanks to the benefits of CRM software, your marketing and sales team will be able to see where each prospect and lead stand in the buyers’ journey. That way, it becomes easy for them to develop targeted content that suits a particular segment along the sales pipeline.

Interaction and Feedback.

In most cases, your marketing team rarely gets the opportunity to interact with your client base on a regular basis and relies on customer and prospect feedback from the sales team. Sharing these insights via your CRM solution is an excellent opportunity to share customer feedback and insight in one place. This can only enhance the relationships between sales and marketing.

One Team, One Goal. 

One of the biggest benefits of a customer relationship management system is bringing everyone closer together, enabling and fostering cooperation and data sharing as opposed to creating data silos within departments. It allows customer-facing employees in areas such as sales and marketing to make quick and informed decisions on everything from up-selling and cross-selling, to improving the quality of customer communications and responsiveness, to coordinating the management of sales and marketing campaigns.

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