Local Government

Local Government Challenges

Service Improvement Through Technology

Technology is reshaping local government and while automated services are spreading, authorities are also looking at capturing more data about citizens using data analytics to create a single view of the individual citizen. By helping people interact with councils and their service providers in the way they want, it’s hoped that the quality of those services will also improve.

Multi-channel Engagement

With excellent customer experience becoming more crucial by the day, citizens are expecting to contact their local authorities through their preferred channels, i.e. in person, by phone, via mobile devices, through smart speakers, chatbots or even via augmented reality.

Digitally Empowered Workforce

With local government increasingly challenged to do more with less, it’s imperative that employees are given the tools to perform their roles to the best of their abilities.

Meeting the Challenges of the Local Government Sector

ViewPoint CRM gives local government organisations the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Single View of a Citizen

ViewPoint CRM, in a local government environment, can enable councils to recognise customers who have already contacted them and to be able to locate information relating to the customer’s enquiry.

It is also intended to help in the communication of information about the customers and services internally throughout the organisation. Councils can employ ViewPoint CRM to build a better picture of why citizens contact them and look for ways in which they can improve the services they provide.

Process and System Improvement

Local authorities are very different from most other types of organisation. The majority of functions that local government performs have been created in isolation from each other with little common relationship between them. Local authorities have traditionally been organised in silos: planning, education, social services, environmental health, council tax and so on.

Today, local government is a blended mix of in sourced, co-sourced and outsourced frameworks. It comprises individual and tailored bodies, agencies, trusts, authorities and relationships.

ViewPoint CRM can help to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction by linking the expertise from back-office systems and present all the relevant information in a pertinent and helpful manner.

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