Manufacturing Sector Challenges

Digital Transformation

The manufacturing market is in the midst of significant transformation - one that’s impacting everything from distribution channels and product teams to customer expectations. It’s no longer enough to simply produce a great product. Manufacturers that want to succeed need to create extraordinary experiences for their customers, and their customers’ customers.

Supply Chain Management

Disjointed and manual business operations can result in overly complex and unwieldly processes, driving up production costs, increased waste and reduced customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Many manufacturing businesses suffer from a focus on delivery and quality of products to maximise revenue and profit and customer service often falls by the way side. Customers who want to obtain any information tend to have to call a customer service contact centre, which is a frustrating task for customers of the modern age.

Meeting the Challenges of the Manufacturing Sector

ViewPoint CRM gives manufacturing companies the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Demand Forecasting and Improved Production Data Reporting

Pulling data together from multiple production and customer / supplier data sources into ViewPoint CRM’s reporting hub, can create management reports delivering insight on demand forecast and production supply.

Improved Supply Chain Management

Our workflow management tools help to simplify and optimise business operations to reduce complex processes and can provide detailed and useful insights about operations, inventory management, order processing, warehousing and distribution chains.

Better Customer Relationships

Ensuring on-time and safe delivery and after sales are just as important as closing a new deal. ViewPoint CRM’s workflow tracking and tasks functions can help keep track of any production, warranty, repair, or service issues, supporting the management of the customer journey from point of order to in-life management, resulting in fewer delays and penalties, an enhanced customer relationship and creating the environment for future sales.

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