ViewPoint CRM Service View

Giving customers the support they need, when they need it, is a crucial part of any organisation whatever their size. ViewPointCRM’s service view has been developed to provide even the most complex of business processes with workflows and tools to support their customers.

Case Management

ViewPointCRM’s case management workflows can help to streamline the process of managing customer support by categorising, prioritising, and assigning customer support issues to the right employees at the right time. This helps support teams resolve issues much faster and in a more streamlined manner.

Support Analytics

ViewPointCRM’s in-depth reports give you detailed insights into how well your support teams are performing. Team leaders and managers will be able to increase individual accountability and performance, as well as giving the ability to spot bottlenecks that are hampering the efficiency of the support processes.

Customised Workflows

With ViewPoint Vantage we can fully customise workflows for your support teams to match your ways of working, so that you can build complex workflows where needed for your organisation.

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