Logistics Sector Challenges

Effective Coordination and Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges in the logistics industry is an inconsistency of processes and fragmentation of systems across the end-to-end supply chain. There are multiple parties involved (manufacturers, retail stores, employees and end customers) it’s almost impossible to have centralised control over every step of the process. Fragmentation often leads to general inefficiency.

Customer Expectations

Individual consumers and industrial customers expect to receive shipments faster, more flexibly, and with more transparency at a lower cost, and in the case of the consumer, at no cost at all. It is therefore no surprise that across the industry, that traditional operating models are being challenged and that profitability is under constant review. And future predictions suggest that the expectations of manufacturing and retail customers alike are likely to increase.

Digital Transformation

Technology is changing every aspect of how the logistics sector operates. Digital competence will be a prerequisite for success, and those that succeed will be those who understand how to exploit a whole range of new technologies, from data analytics to automation and platform solutions.

Meeting the Challenges of the Logistics Sector

ViewPoint CRM gives logistics companies the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Improved Workflow

As part of our design phase of a ViewPoint CRM implementation we work with you to pre-define some general workflows across your end to end processes and automate administrative tasks. With the introduction of automated tasks, using data already available within ViewPoint CRM will increase the productivity of your employees and reduce operational costs.

Integration with key systems

By integrating ViewPoint CRM with other critical systems, your teams can access the information they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Using ViewPoint CRM your employees will be able to effectively manage leads and pipeline to capturing data on the delivery of goods.

Improved Information Flow

ViewPoint CRM allows you to access real-time information for decision-making and communication between employees and departments across multiple locations, creating an opportunity to build intelligent customised communication flow vertically and horizontally throughout your organisation.

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