Looking for CRM strategic best practices to help your organisation transform to a new CRM solution? You've come to the right place. Each quarter we'll be publishing a new whitepaper to support you in making key decisions in your organisation's journey to a better customer and employee experience.

Digital Transformation & CRM - An Executive Guide

In this whitepaper we’ll explore why a CRM solution should be a pivotal part of your digital transformation journey and what CEOs and their leadership team should be considering throughout the planning, vendor selection, design and implementation of a CRM solution.

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How a CRM can Support the Modern Workforce

Since the pandemic disruption, workplaces have never been more remote or disparate, yet resilient organisations have found progressive new ways to embrace flexible team working in ways that would never have been thought practicable before 2020. They have also moved to redefine roles to align with rapidly changing customer needs sometimes redeploying staff into completely new activities. In this whitepaper we’ll discuss how a good CRM solution and implementation can support organisations’ transformation efforts now and into the future.

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Is your Business Strategy Aligned with Customer Experience?

One of the most effective ways you can improve productivity and sales within your organisation is to ensure that your business strategy is aligned with customer experience. This may sound obvious, but it requires executive commitment, dedication from all departments and an understanding of how this approach will benefit everyone. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, it requires a plan to achieve that alignment. In this whitepaper we’ll explore why aligning your business strategy around the customer experience is so important; what happens when departments are misaligned; how alignment can help businesses grow, expand and compete; and how customer relationship management solutions can support you in this strategic alignment.

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The Evolution of the Customer

How Technology, Collaboration and Behaviours are Changing the Landscape

Changes in technology, collaboration and behaviours are shaping a new type of customer and how suppliers engage with them. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated and exacerbated change that was already taking place, both in demand and supply. In this whitepaper we’ll look at various markets from mass-market Business to Consumer (B2C) markets and Business to Business (B2B) markets, as well as the downstream impact on wholesale and complex supply chains.

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