Higher Education

Higher Education Sector Challenges

Higher Education Sector CRM, Higher Ed CRM, ViewPoint CRM, ViewPointCRM

Disparate Systems

Information relating to applicants, students, placements, alumni, marketing campaigns, events and short courses is typically held throughout institutions in a plethora of local databases and spreadsheets. This isolation of information makes it difficult, if not impossible, to reach out to contacts for partnering and collaborative purposes, to offer short business courses, issue invitations to functions and events and to increase awareness of the other services and opportunities offered by the institution.

Managing the Student Experience

Delivering the right digital services requires high-quality data that provides a 360-degree view of the educational lifecycle of each student. You need to use data across departments and functions–from recruitment to academic studies as well as on-campus and off-campus life. You also need visibility into alumni data, including degrees earned and the nature of your alumni’s engagement with your institution after they leave campus.

Complex Recruitment

Recruiters and admissions teams interact with prospective students and parents in a variety of ways, from website visits and Facebook messages to phone calls, emails and campus visits. The growing population of adult learners who are balancing work, family and education adds another layer of complexity to higher education recruitment. Keeping a track of all of these interactions and student pipelines can be immensely time-consuming and difficult to oversee.

Meeting the Challenges of Higher Education

Higher Education Sector CRM, Higher Ed CRM, ViewPoint CRM, ViewPointCRM

ViewPoint CRM gives Higher Education institutions the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Centralised Data and Storage

ViewPointCRM provides a robust, secure storage solution for the creation of a centralised, simplified hub for the storage and retrieval of essential data such as student and alumini contact details, e-mail exchanges, admission documents, course information, academic documents and student accomodation details.

Workflow Automation

Any number of basic administration and filing tasks traditionally performed by university employees can be automated and accelerated with ViewPointCRM. We will work with universities to automate historically time-consuming tasks. reducing the risk of human error and ensuring a better use of resources.

Improved Marketing

ViewPointCRM can provide invaluable insights into an institution’s main target market and its preferences, aiding the development and implementation of more effective marketing strategies. It also helps to understand student motivation to pursue postsecondary studies as well as respond to other business needs.

Improved Student Experience

By linking ViewPointCRM to an institution's online presence, prospective students, students, and alumni online activity can be tracked, analysed, and used for improving their experience online and ensures that university employees have instant access to everything they need to answer queries and service demand.

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