Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Challenges

Digital Change

New technology is promising to transform a health and social care sector that is increasingly struggling with the need to do more with less funding. Many providers and commissioners are looking for opportunities to use technology to improve services and cope better with the long-term demographic pressures that the system is under.

Data Governance

The way organisations manage and safeguard the processes of collecting, using and sharing information about health and social care services users can often throw up challenges. The complexity of information governance and the sensitive data that health and care organisations hold makes it hard to get right.

Digital Skills

From legacy technology to lack of in-house skills, there are numerous challenges to overcome in driving improvements in digital skills. It’s clear that whilst there’s a real desire to embrace digital change in the sector, successfully implementing digital transformation in health and social care is an incredibly complex task. With organisations already facing significant competing pressures, it’s vital that we don’t lose sight of the fact that technological innovation should always work to improve the quality and delivery of care.

Meeting the Challenges of the Health and Social Care Sector

ViewPoint CRM gives health and social care organisations the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Process and System Improvement

Health and social care providers often manage patient care through multiple manual or disparate systems. In a role that’s manual and paperwork-heavy, providers need a solution that allows them to spend more time on creating a positive service user experience, rather than following paper trails and keying information into several applications. Health and social care providers can integrate electronic health records and CRM data to engage patients on any device and collaborate across the entire healthcare network.

Improved Care

ViewPoint CRM has a number of functions that can improve productivity and help to provide better care. It can record all the interactions with a patient, from all the departments within an organisation and potentially other sources. It can combine these records with a workflow function to ensure that everybody receives the necessary reminders and notifications, ensuring there is no disruption in care when one professional takes over from another.

Improved Information Flow

ViewPoint CRM allows you to access real-time information for decision-making and communication between employees and departments across multiple locations, creating an opportunity to build intelligent customised communication flow vertically and horizontally throughout your organisation.

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