ViewPoint CRM

Core Package

ViewPoint CRM has been developed to work with your existing IT systems or as a standalone solution.

Each module within the system can be configured to the needs of your organisation and can scale as your business grows.

Contact View

Explore your prospects and customers easily via an intuitive interface, giving you quick access to key customer data from ViewPointCRM or other integrated systems

  • Contact and Company Information
  • Contact and Company dashboard
  • Contact, quote and order history

Sales View

Understand your key sales activities, pipeline, order value and targets instantly

  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Task/activity management
  • Territory management
  • Quote and order management

Service View

Instantly see what interactions you have had with your customers through an intuitive interface

  • Case management
  • Knowledge base
  • Support analytics

Discovery View

ViewPointCRM's Discovery view allows you to manipulate your information to suit your needs

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Filtered geographical search
  • Forecasting
  • Dashboards

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