At StyleTech we work with organisations of all sizes and sectors

In developing ViewPoint CRM, we have built a flexible CRM solution so that we can work with organisations across all vertical sectors and tailor our solution to your needs.

You need a CRM solution that will adapt to your industry and help you achieve your business goals and deliver extraordinary customer experiences; a CRM solution that can evolve as your organisation does.

In our industry pages we highlight how ViewPoint CRM can address challenges across multiple vertical sectors.

Finance and FinTech

Whether you’re in banking, insurance or a financial services technology business, ViewPoint CRM can help you grow your business through process improvements, faster quotation production and keeping track of sales pipeline.

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Health and Social Care

ViewPoint CRM provides you with 360-degree view of patient information, key documentation, professional and administration tasks and workflow, as well as key performance metrics across the healthcare ecosystem. Using ViewPoint CRM, health and social care organisations can be more efficient and can spend more time delivering quality care.

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Higher Education

Higher education institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with their ‘customers’, i.e. students, their parents, alumni and employees. Students are demanding more attention and instant service and so proactive universities are turning to technology like ViewPoint CRM to cater to this demand in an effective way.

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No matter what kind of law you practice, people will always be at the heart of what you do. Whether it’s keeping your staff updated on progress, winning new clients, or maintaining important business connections, it’s relationships that determine your success. ViewPoint CRM brings together all of your client data so that your client relationships thrive.

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Local Government

Through our years of experience working with local government we know that implementing the right technology solution can improve services that local council departments provide, whilst increasing efficiency across the whole organisation. We understand the breadth, complexity and the importance of services to local citizens.

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Ensure you get a deeper understanding, clearer insight into your overall business performance while also improving speed, quality of customer interactions and efficiency. ViewPoint CRM has been developed to be ideally suited to fast-paced transportation and logistics thanks to its wide array of modules and simple interfaces.

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ViewPoint CRM goes beyond the basics to give you a complete set of customer experience tools to help you gain the competitive edge you need. Integrate your back-end systems so that your sales and customer service teams can have a real-time view of production, stock levels and sales.

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Creating a seamless customer experience is imperative in the fast-paced, competitive environment. Being able to react quickly to customer demand is crucial for success.

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