Finance and FinTech

Finance and Fintech Sector Challenges

Customer Knowledge

Unlike traditional business models, financial services doesn’t always involve a direct exchange of payment-for-product or payment-for-services. Instead, clients entrust their financial resources into the care of another—electing a particular bank, investment firm, or insurance agency to be the steward of their assets. Keeping track of customer activity is crucial in determining the products and services that are likely to be purchased.

Customer Expectations are Increasing

Customers are looking for an integrated experience, or a “one-stop-shop”, for all of their finance needs. While the fintech industry has already migrated to online and digital experiences, keeping up with growing customer expectations continues to be a challenge.

Increased and Increasing Competition

Organisation are utilising technology and data to deliver financial services in new ways are driving increased competition with established financial institutions. Whilst FinTech companies are taking up some of the financial industry landscape, traditional long-standing companies are still finding ways to stay in the game and even give start-ups and less-established companies a run for their money.

Meeting the Challenges of the Finance and FinTech Sector

ViewPoint CRM gives finance and fintech companies the tools to effectively meet their key challenges head on.

Contact Management

ViewPoint CRM’s contact view feature is responsible for storing and securing your customer database. From names, positions, quotations, and even relationships within an organisation, contact view data is the main driving point of customer service experience.

Plus, you won’t need to invest in on-premise hardware, because ViewPoint CRM is cloud-based. All your information will be stored in a secure cloud system and can only be accessed by the people inside your team on a need-to-know basis.

Tailored Solutions

Having a CRM solution that is built around the idea of growing alongside your business can be invaluable, especially for Fintech companies. We work with customers to configure and customise modules, tools, or processes to help create a step-change within organisations.

Building scalability and flexibility into your CRM solution that can grow with your business and can be tailored according to your business processes, and as a result the opportunities for growth are significantly increased.

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