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With Discovery View you can filter your contacts by multiple segmentation types based upon your organisations channels to market, budget, or sales areas making it easy to see geographically where your key segments are, their value or even by profitability.

Discovery Hub

Using a simple Google Maps interface your salespeople can immediately see how many prospects are in a particular region and target them with sales visits. Marketing can use them to decide where events or advertising might be deployed. Engineering could see where urgent visits are required. Wherever your customers are, Discovery View can provide address detail and travel information for your people on the move, saving them time by finding the quickest and cheapest travel.

Reporting Hub

ViewPointCRM offers a wide range of reporting capabilities, giving your management teams the reports that they need when they need them.

Customised Reports

Create your own custom reports using the criteria you want in order to manipulate and view the data in exactly how you need it.

Scheduled Report Delivery

Schedule any report to automatically run at a set time and have the results delivered to your email inbox. Schedule recurring reports to run at a set time and it will be delivered to you each time it is run.

Sales Performance Reports

As well as viewing your sales pipeline using the Pipeline Hub, you can use ViewPointCRM’s Reporting Hub to track default criteria like the number of new leads, average age of deals, salesperson performance as well as any custom metric that’s relevant to your organisation, then filter the results to get a clear overview of your sales key performance indicators.

Campaign Reports

Generate metrics around the results of marketing campaigns, such as emails opened, unique clicks, leads converted and more.

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