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ViewPointCRM is the next generation of CRM and its contact management solution, Contact View, helps organisations to build strong customer relationships as well as providing a great employee experience.

Contact View is tailored to your organisation allowing even the most complex of customer hierarchies to be visualised quickly and graphically so that team members can navigate to key decision makers quickly and effectively.

Integrating ViewPointCRM with other key systems such as your website, email marketing application and your ERP gives your users a real-time 360-degree view of your prospect and customer activity in one place.

360-Degree View of Your Customers

A 360-degree view of your customers includes every interaction a customer has with your brand, from a website inquiry to a product purchase to a customer support conversation. Through integration with your organisation’s systems and website, ViewPointCRM brings together all information about a customer in a single view for your customer facing teams to access and utilise.

Contact and Company Dashboards

Every contact and company within ViewPointCRM has their own dashboard detailing key contact information, year on year spend and products and services purchased.


The Activity tab within contact and company screens brings together all of your key customer activity. This activity can be product purchases, invoices, payments, website activity, basically any activity that you may store in legacy and cloud systems that you would like your customer facing teams to be able to see.

Document Storage

Within each contact and company page there is a document storage tab, where customer defined folders can be set-up to store key contact and company information, highly useful areas where access to shared documents such as contracts or proposals can be stored and managed.


ViewPointCRM seamlessly integrates with Mailchimp to provide insight on email activity to prospects and customers alike. You can further drill down to see whether the email has been opened and even interacted with.


It can be difficult to navigate large organisations. ViewPointCRM’s explore tool allows users to drill into organisation’s divisions and departments via an easy to use graphical interface to help them find the right decision makers and influencers quickly.


The preferences tab within ViewPointCRM is an organisationally defined area that can allow customer facing team members to update company or contact preferences in a pre-defined range of preference areas. This could include marketing and data protection preferences, product or service segments or even what their hospitality preferences may be.

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