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Driving new and repeat sales is at the heart of commercial organisations and ViewPointCRM has been developed to support sales growth by providing easy to use tools that make managing and growing sales pipelines straightforward and effective.

We understand that not all sales teams work in the same way. We work with organisations to tailor ViewPointCRM to work with your sales processes and practices so that minimal training is needed to hit the ground selling.

Lead Creation

Typically marketing and sales drive the majority of lead creation within commercial organisations. ViewPointCRM can integrate with an organisation’s website, mobile applications, email marketing applications as well as back office systems to help automate the generation of leads Leads can come from many places within an organisation, not just from within sales and marketing departments, so we’ve made it easy for anyone with access to ViewPointCRM to have the ability to raise a lead for sales team members to qualify and move forward.

Nurturing Leads

Email marketing continues to be a highly-effective tactic for lead nurturing — and the personalisation of those emails tends to produce better results. There are many ways to personalise emails to improve your lead nurturing strategy. You can send triggered emails when a visitor completes an action such as downloading a whitepaper, clicks on links in your emails, visits certain pages on your website, or demonstrates a high level of engagement. Integrating ViewPointCRM with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp can take your nurturing of leads to another level.

Qualifying Leads

Lead scoring is a common methodology implemented by sales teams to prioritise leads based on their sales readiness. This can be a reasonably subjective metric where the lead scoring is carried out by sales based on a study of their profile, previous purchasing patterns, business relationships and their behaviour towards your products or services via your website and email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, lead scoring helps sales teams to customise their approach based on the lead’s interest and the sales stage. Lead scoring plays a vital role in increasing the efficiency of the sales team where they initiate conversations only with the leads that have a higher lead score. Also, when your sales team engages with leads that have a higher lead score, there is a better chance of converting them into customers with minimum follow-ups. This in turn will increase the revenue of your organisation. ViewPointCRM has tools that your business can utilise to streamline and improve your lead qualification process.

Managing Pipeline

Successful organisations create and track customer and prospect opportunities in their sales pipeline. And the best way to do that is with a sales CRM that allows you to track your information by month, quarter, or year, tracking all the relevant data with none of the endless, repetitive spreadsheets. And with ViewPointCRM, you can see the sales value and closure rates for potential sales and then analyse the results to help you manage and, most importantly, continually improve your sales pipeline. ViewPointCRM offers a real-time view of sales pipeline via the Pipeline Hub, showing performance against target on a monthly, quarterly and annual view. This can be at an individual or team level meaning you can quickly see how your teams are doing against target as well as drill down into individual leads and quotes. You can quickly move your pipeline up and down your sales funnel with a simple drag and drop interface, saving your sales team hours of work in spreadsheets.

Quotation Management

On of the foundations of any good CRM solution is its ability to automate repetitive tasks. This makes every salesperson’s job easier and also helps to reduce human error. By building your quotations directly from your CRM, you can avoid the mistakes that occasionally slip through the net with manual processes. Even if you’re already using a tool that provides quoting automation, pulling all your customer information into a unified workflow creates opportunities to streamline sales tasks even more. ViewPointCRM’s Quotation Hub is a fantastic module for your sales teams to produce detailed product quotations, with built-in margin approval workflows and a professional looking quote for your prospects and existing customers.

Lead, Pipeline and Sales Reporting

Whether you’re a salesperson, a sales manager or sales director, ViewPointCRM offers an easy to use Reporting Hub that can produce lead, pipeline and sales reports that can be set-up and scheduled for whenever you need them. You’ll even be notified when they’re ready to view and these can be exported easily to other tools if needed.

Access Anywhere

Whether your field sales teams use laptops, tablets or smartphones to keep up-to-date with customer activity and progress with leads, quotations, service issues or payments, ViewPointCRM has a responsive interface, tested across all major tablet devices, so that your sales people can access it anywhere with internet availability.

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