Office 365 Integration

Office 365 integration with a CRM system like ViewPointCRM can help you make significant productivity gains, giving you more time to focus on your business and your customers.

ViewPointCRM seamlessly integrates with Office 365 so that all of your internal calendars can be viewable to others in your organisation directly from the CRM. You can also see whether someone is in or out of the office and available to pick up on workflows and tasks.

Outlook Plugin

ViewPointCRM offers a rich and advanced set of integration features with Outlook allowing you and your team to see key ViewPointCRM contact, sales and service data directly from Outlook if a contact is already in ViewPointCRM. You can add new prospect companies and contacts at a click of a button. Important emails can be added to ViewPointCRM within your contact records and email threads can be automatically recorded so that all your communication history with customers is kept in one centralised place. We’ve found that deploying the ViewPointCRM Outlook plugin really helps with user adoption and onboarding teams to ViewPointCRM with a familiar interface and obvious efficiency benefits to individual employees.

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