How to get the most out of your CRM in Customer Service

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this blog, we will walk you through how to get the most out of your CRM in customer service. A CRM system can be an incredibly valuable and essential tool for your organisation’s customer service efforts. Whilst price and a quality product or service is important as to why customers choose to do business with you, the customer experience and in-life support for customers is often why they stay with an organisation. To be competitive, you need to meet and go above and beyond expectations and deliver a great experience. This is where a CRM solution can come into its own.

So, what is it you have to do to create an exceptional experience for your customers? You have to be proactive!

Clear visibility of all your customers interactions

Having visibility of your interactions with your customers in one place lets your teams see what recent and historic activity the customer has had with the organisation, from what products and services they have, through to quotations, service and billing queries and complaints. Having this visibility helps ensure that your teams have the most up-to-date information, reducing call times by resolving queries more quickly and improving customer experience by knowing exactly when an order has been dispatched or when their next bill is due.

Create consistent communications

Customer service teams can effectively track conversations across different channels, including social media platforms. For example, a customer may raise an issue in a channel, Facebook or Twitter, but then switch to phone, email or live chat to resolve the issue in private.

By improving customer service and support calls and enquiries, customer satisfaction increases and makes your customer interactions more efficient. If you look after your customers, you can expect higher volumes of word-of-mouth advocacy and referrals, leading to growth in lead conversions and new acquisitions, reducing the overall cost of finding new leads. In addition, it provides systematic and efficient customer experiences, increasing your incoming customer rate and reducing overall business costs.

Track customer requests, complaints, orders and feedback

If you have a CRM in place, you won’t miss out on your customers’ service requests. The moment a customer gets in touch, whether by phone, email, or social media, it is logged into your CRM. It is then promptly passed onto the designated person ensuring customer issues are resolved quickly and reducing further contacts, therefore maintaining customer satisfaction and reducing repeat call costs.

Personalise customer interactions

One of the most valuable features a modern CRM offers is the ability to capture in-depth client information. Unfortunately, many companies spend time and money implementing CRM systems without training customer service agents and other employees on how to use the information at their fingertips.

When an associate answers a phone or calls a client for whom information exists in the CRM, they should be using data to inform the conversation, and capturing new information where appropriate, keeping information updated.

Understanding the type of business the client is in, reviewing past orders, and reviewing previous communication can give customer service agents, sales reps, and other customer-facing employees real insight into how to best communicate with each customer.


Hopefully, throughout this blog post, we have demonstrated some of the ways how you can get the most out of your CRM in customer service. An effective and tailored customer experience means that you can offer support and help when and how your customers need it. With the right information at your fingertips, being accessible to your customers when and where they need you can help maintain and grow customer satisfaction by improving customer service and making your customer interactions more effective and enjoyable.

By implementing a CRM solution that focuses on excellent customer experiences, you end up with happy customers and a healthy balance sheet.

The right CRM solution will help your business sustain strong customer relationships and give the rest of your team the necessary tools to improve customer experience and service.

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