A to Z of CRM Workflows

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In this blog, the A to Z of CRM Workflows, we’ll explore some of the key features and benefits of embedding workflows into your CRM solution.

Workflows are automated processes that are designed to run in the background.  They can be triggered manually by a user, or they can be triggered automatically by something occurring in the application such as the value of a field changing, a record being assigned to another user or team, or a record changing status.  After a workflow is triggered, it can do a number of actions such as create a record, update a record, send an email, inform another user of a status change or launch another workflow.

Every organisation is different, which is why with ViewPointCRM we work with you to build a number of your workflows as standard and then help to customise further complex workflows that fit with how your business works.

A to ZAutomating Basic Tasks

Using workflows within your CRM to automate basic tasks can save time, reduce human error and provide a better overall customer experience.

As an example, the sales process typically includes various elements including initial lead generation, tracking phone calls, meetings, and emails, creating customer profiles, notifying other members of customer needs, collaborating with the marketing department, and so on. With the right CRM solution and right setup, a business can automate all of these workflows, freeing up serious resources in the process.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMBusiness Improvement

One of the major advantages of ViewPointCRM is that it can be easily adapted to fit your organisation’s needs and processes. One simple way to improve productivity is through the use of workflows. Workflows make it easy to streamline your business processes and increase the efficiency of your resources by eliminating manual tasks that can lead to errors or oversights.


A to Z ViewPoint CRMCollaboration

In today’s business environment, it is common to have many individuals and / or teams all having critical roles in a customer relationship.

As well as the obvious benefits of having a single view of customers’ activity and interactions with multiple teams as part of CRM, workflows can be used to keep team members or other teams informed of key customer activity, such as major service issues, new tenders or opportunities. They can also be used to engage multiple internal stakeholders with key customer needs such as pulling together customer reports or account reviews.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMDeal Management

For organisations that sell more complex products and services, significant information may be required from multiple sources in order to provide quotes or proposals. Workflows can be used to enlist help from key individuals and departments to help co-ordinate activity and ensure that proposals and quotes are delivered in a timely manner.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMEmail Automation and Email Marketing

Direct mail has almost been assigned to the history books for most organisations but staying in touch with your customers has never been more crucial.

Integrating email marketing tools such Mailchimp can let stakeholders know what marketing material has been sent and read by prospects and customers, allowing further activity to be triggered based upon their engagement with the content. By integrating your website with CRM you can track where and when customers and prospects have visited following marketing campaigns.

Using workflows within your CRM you can automatically email customers and prospects at key stages within a sales pipeline, keeping them updated on progress. You can also trigger internal emails and notifications when a sales lead moves into another stage of the pipeline.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMFinancial Approval

Getting financial approval can often be a time-consuming process, particularly with complex solutions. Building workflows and financial sign-off levels into your quotations process can dramatically speed up and simplify the process as well as providing a clear audit trail for your finance department for commissions, procurements, cash flow planning and more. At StyleTech we work with clients to build the pertinent rules into ViewPointCRM that suits your organisation.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMGetting the most from Workflows

Setting up workflows in the first instance can be a challenge. Whilst individuals can set-up simple workflows themselves, building complex workflows require some thought to get the most from them.

We work with companies to develop their more complex processes into streamlined and efficient workflows using our expert team of developers. These workflows are tailored to your organisation and we ensure that all process stakeholders and subject matter experts are involved in workflow design to ensure that workflows meet the organisation’s needs.

Help and Support

Exceptional customer service and support has been proven to be a definite competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Strategically leveraging automated workflows for customer service and support functions can help your organisation deliver better service, engage customers more effectively, and, ultimately, develop healthier, lasting customer relationships.

Integrating with Office 365 / Outlook

By integrating Office 365 with ViewPointCRM, users can access CRM content directly from applications such as Outlook, enabling users to create new workflows from within Outlook pertinent to the contact(s) in an email as well as access customer and prospect data and initiate other activity such as lead creation and appointment setting.

Just in Time Workflows?

Using ViewPointCRM’s workflow capabilities allows organisations to schedule tasks in a way that maximises efficiency of resources, directing workflow activities to available resources in a manner that ensure that tasks are completed in time to hit deadlines and customer expectations.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMKeeping Stakeholders Informed

Workflows can also be used to keep key stakeholders updated with key activities throughout the organisation. Whether you’re a sales director monitoring key sales deals, or a customer service team leader monitoring a tricky complaint, individuals and teams can be informed of key tasks, quotations over a certain value, changes in pipeline and so on.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMLifecycle Management

Workflows can play an important part of the overall customer experience.

Below are just two examples of CRM workflows for customer lifecycle stages:

  • If a customer renews a subscription and upgrades to a more complex service, then you can initiate a task for agent to call or email them to schedule a product refresher session.
  • If a customer inquired about your service and requested a meeting, but suddenly stopped responding to emails, then trigger a notification to the respective sales agent to make a follow-up call.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMMaking and Meeting Commitments

ViewPointCRM allows activity to be triggered to ensure that commitments made to customers are kept. Whether this is a workflow to trigger a phone call or email to a customer on the completion of a task such as dispatch of a product or that they are nearing the end of their contract.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMNonlinear Workflows

Linear workflows are simple to follow, and simple to build, and for most organisations these are the most likely workflows for the majority of processes. You simply follow a step-by-step process where one task is completed and the next is started.

Nonlinear workflows reflect situations where multiple teams are working on different aspects of a project, tender or complex solution at the same time.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMOrder Management

Ensuring that an order is processed quickly and accurately is a crucial part of the customer journey. Workflows can be built within ViewPointCRM to ensure that orders are flagged with the relevant departments for processing. They can also be used to notify customers of the next steps in their buying journey, whether that be shipping or installation dates, login details to manage their account online or appointment setting for on-site visits. All of these can be built within tailored workflows to suit your organisation’s products and services.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMProcess Transformation

Implementing a CRM is a great opportunity to improve and not necessarily replicate current processes within your organisation.

Process workflows can be applied to standard processes such as sales leads, support cases as well as more complex workflows such as building quotations and tenders.

Each process flow can guide users through a defined sequence of steps with clear visibility of what actions have been completed, and what needs to happen next to reach a successful outcome.

By following on-screen prompts routine workflows can be tailored to your own process rules to ensure a consistent approach and high data quality.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMQuotation Management

ViewPointCRM allows quotations to be built directly within your bespoke Quotation Hub. Whilst building a quotation is generally straightforward with access to all product and services data as well as procurement and discounting rules, sometimes involvement from other departments is required for solution design and bespoke pricing. By using workflows, these tasks can be triggered, followed-up and fed back all at the click of a few buttons, giving the user a clear view of where their task is in their workstack and who in the organisation is dealing with it.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMReporting

ViewPointCRM comes with all the reports that most organisations need on a day-to-day basis. With ViewPoint Vanguard, the StyleTech team will work with your organisation to compile the more complex and bespoke reports that users can then schedule as and when they need them or on a recurring basis. You may even wish to incorporate workflows into your reporting suite, so that certain triggers will create ad-hoc but defined reports or request that a new report is built either by your report administrators or by StyleTech.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMSales Management

Using workflows can help busy salespeople keep on top of their work. Depending on how your sales teams are structured, you may need to assign work to different individuals based upon pipeline stage, complexity of solution, geography or segment, to name just four elements. Workflows can be pre-built to be triggered by end users so that work can be allocated based upon customer need, saving time and effort.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMTask Management

Keeping on top of your ‘To Do’ list is a challenge for all of us. ViewPointCRM has a range of capabilities so that users from anywhere within the organisation can see their diary, tasks, notes and customers, all from the same place. Below are just a few ways that workflow can assist your employees:

  • Allocate tasks to departments and monitor in real-time.
  • Easily identify when tasks are not completed and take action.
  • Automate and allocate key processes to save company resources and mitigate risk.
  • Provide a consistent customer experience across multiple sales channels, teams and locations.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMUtilising the Right Resources

ViewPointCRM integrates with other software applications such as Microsoft 365 and Active Directory so that users can quickly identify whether other team or department members are available to carry out tasks before triggering a new workflow. Workflows can be adjusted to allocate work to available team members.

Teams can also be selected instead of individuals where appropriate so that any members of a team can pick up tasks assigned to the team in a workflow.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMVirtual Team Working

ViewPointCRM has been developed as a cloud-based and responsive software solution ensuring that users can access it on any device, anywhere with an internet connection. Wherever your teams are working ViewPointCRM workflows can be accessed, triggered and acted upon.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMWorkflow Creation

Basic and customised workflows can be triggered by any user with authority to do so. However, the world of work never stands still and workflows will need to be altered over time and new workflows created. StyleTech works with our clients to build flexibility into ViewPointCRM for administrators to make changes to existing workflows and create new ones.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMeXperience for your Teams and your Customers

Customer and employee experience is key to our work developing ViewPointCRM. Providing simple workflows can have a dramatic impact on your users’ working lives, improving collaboration and managing key processes. StyleTech have also developed a Microsoft Office 365 plugin that means that employees can initiate and drive workflows directly from Outlook without even having to have ViewPointCRM open. Happy and efficient employees lead to happy customers!

A to Z ViewPoint CRMYour Organisation, Your Processes

StyleTech have over 20 years’ experience in developing bespoke applications for business and public sector organisations throughout the UK. Whilst ViewPointCRM has been developed in a modular way with core functionality across the solution, we recognise, particularly with workflows, that some new functionality may be required or deeper integration into other back-office systems. Our expert team will work with your teams as part of ViewPointCRM implementation to design these workflows to suit your organisations processes.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMZoom / Teams / Webex Calls

Collaboration between team members and other departments is key to driving business growth and providing great service to customers. Interfacing with customers is also just as important. The covid global pandemic has forced colleagues and customers to work differently through a combination of home or hybrid working, socially distanced or virtual meetings as well as new working practices.

Workflows can be triggered from ViewPointCRM or from Microsoft 365 plugins to set-up video / voice calls as well as face to face appointments both for internal and external attendees. All the relevant call information will be sent to users and notes, emails and documents pertinent to the call will be stored within the CRM system.

We hope you enjoyed the A to Z CRM Workflows and hope that you are now armed with more information when considering purchasing a new CRM solution.

At StyleTech, we’re here to help our customers with their CRM journey and guide them through the process from A to Z!