Win more Deals with CRM Quotation Tools

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How can organisations win more deals with CRM quotation tools? In this blog we’ll talk you through some of the benefits of quotation tools as well as why having an integrated quotation tool within your CRM can help you win more deals.

Benefits of Quotation Tools

Quotation tools can increase your sales team’s productivity, impress your prospects and clients, and ultimately help you win new business. They can also help to streamline and automate some of the laborious steps involved in the sales process.

Below we outline just some of the benefits that can help you win more deals with CRM quotation tools:


Quotations are an essential part of doing business in many industries. They help communicate pricing estimates to customers in a concise and professional manner. However, they can be very time-consuming to put together and prone to human error. Using a tailored CRM quotation tool, like the Quotation Hub within ViewPointCRM, allows your salespeople to produce consistent, professional looking and clear quotations for customers in a fraction of the time they would take to produce manually.


Ensuring that quotations are accurate, with up-to-date product, stock and pricing information is crucial, especially at a time when supply chains are under increasing volatility. By integrating your ERP into your CRM you can be assured that real-time data will be used in quotation generation.

Depending upon your sales team’s structure, you can build in approvals sign-off based on specific margin rules as well as seniority in your organisation, safeguarding margins and ensuring less experienced team members can have their quotations checked by team managers before submitting to potential clients.


Complicated pricing structures can cause salespeople to deliver inaccurate quotes. Quotations can be complicated further with discounts, grouped items, bundles, add-ons, and other price fluctuations, particularly when produced manually. When prospects and customers request adjustments to order quantities or switching options, the process becomes even more complex and prone to errors.

Even if your pricing structure is relatively simple, there is still a chance your salespeople may misquote, which can compromise their relationship with a prospect. Salespeople should always be up to date on their product knowledge, but they have to focus on delivering sustained customer value. It’s not feasible for them to memorise every single discount scenario for every item in your product line.

Studies show that sales generally go to the vendor that responds first. Therefore, sales teams must be ready to deliver an accurate quote quickly.

When you employ a tailored quotation tool solution, your salespeople are free to produce quotes for customers and prospects with confidence. Detailed stock levels, pricing and discount information can be updated in real-time within your CRM solution, so that your sales teams can always be confident that your prospects and existing customers will receive accurate information.


Producing quotations quickly can mean the difference between winning and losing a deal. Using a quotation tool means that all the information that your sales team needs is at their fingertips, including supplemental documentation and terms and conditions.

Once a quotation has been accepted by a prospect or existing customer, order information can be sent to be processed at the click of a button. Even if changes are required on the quotation, these can be turned around quickly and sent back to the customer.


Producing high-quality quotations consistently, accurately and at pace can set your organisation apart from your competitors. ViewPointCRM’s Quotation Hub is built to suit your needs, ensuring that your quotations are of the highest quality and helps you to showcase your brand in the marketplace.

If you would like to discuss your business challenges and how ViewPointCRM can help your organisation, please get in touch with our expert team today or book a demo.