Improve sales by using CRM workflows

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How can organisations improve sales by using CRM workflows? In this blog we’ll firstly explain what a CRM workflow is and then show how automated and semi-automated workflows can help improve sales as well as the customer and employee experience.

What is a CRM Workflow?

A CRM workflow is a collection or series of steps required to complete a business process that you can use to improve customer relationships, optimise sales pipelines, and simplify operations. CRM workflow automation and semi-automation is a process by which a CRM system can complete tasks and activities with minimal or no human intervention.

Workflow automation is used for designing and implementing business processes

that provide a positive customer experience and enhance operational efficiency. You should try to automate mundane, repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and allocate your workforce to achieve bigger goals.

Building automatic workflows to support a range of CRM sales functions

Lead nurturing:

Engaging leads and bringing them to a buying decision can require activities across various channels; email, calls, and social media are all common. A workflow process ensures that everything is delivered or triggered at the best time and nothing is missed. You can also opt to receive CRM workflow alerts when an urgent follow-up is required.

Convert faster – Push web leads to sales in real-time: 

After successfully interacting with new prospects via email marketing and your online presence, CRM workflows can help you identify which leads are ‘hot’, i.e. likely to close quickly or which leads need a follow-up in the future and create reminders.  Your sales team can then actively work to convert such leads at the right time to maximise sales.

Campaign better/ Send personalised emails:

CRM workflows can be used to give customers a more personalised experience at key stages in the customer journey. Whether it’s sending a welcome email and usage instructions once a customer order has been delivered or emailing a customer at key dates based upon previous purchase history, using CRM workflows with the right triggers can save your sales and marketing teams time, but at the same time deliver better customer experiences.

Capturing customer feedback:

After successfully converting potential leads to customers, you must pay attention to the essential qualities of customer service to help retain the customer. Your CRM software can carry the complete history of customer interactions to help service them effectively and help your company nurture the relationship.

With excellent customer service comes loyal customers. Using your CRM system, you can learn more about customer preferences and use this knowledge to customise new sales strategies and upsell new products to loyal customers, further cementing their loyalty with exceptional customer service.

Triggering post delivery or service surveys can be a great way to capture customer feedback and continually improve your customers’ experience.

Managing quotations, proposals and tenders:

For quotations, proposals and tenders, workflows can support multiple internal steps where teams must deliver key parts of the documentation by key dates. They can also be used for internal sign off for key commercial terms and discounts, ensuring financial rigour and audit trails on large deals.

Sales management: 

For sales leaders to monitor and improve the team, performance can be assisted by workflows. For example, a workflow process can provide sales managers with up-to-date pipeline and sales reports at the right time to get the most out of sales meetings with team members.


CRM workflows help organisations avoid human error and constantly optimise their processes. Once a system is defined, the output can be easily tested and improved. Implementing a CRM system and creating automated workflows can drastically improve your organisation’s sales and marketing efforts as well as improved customer experience.

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