A to Z of CRM Functionality

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With the myriad of CRM solutions in the market today, it can be a minefield to choose which CRM solution to choose. In this A to Z of CRM functionality, we focus on some of the key CRM capabilities organisations are looking for to improve their customer experience and sales, highlighting where ViewPointCRM comes into its own.

A to Z Administration

Administering a CRM solution can often seem a daunting task, but with ViewPointCRM our administration tools allow key users access to make changes from the most basic tasks such as user administration and permissions, through to more complex tasks such as report, quotation and workflow management.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Business Process Management (BPM)

ViewPointCRM has been developed to help organisations improve their processes throughout the customer lifecycle. Successful business process re-engineering using ViewPointCRM can lead to significant improvements in business processes that create positive outcomes:

  • Eliminate non-value process steps
  • All employees follow the same standards
  • Outcomes can be forecasted with greater precision
  • Bottlenecks and discrepancies can be easily discovered and fixed
  • Company performance continuously improves

See ‘W’ for further information on how ViewPointCRM can assist with BPM using Workflows.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Contact Management

ViewPointCRM provides you with one location to store your key business contacts, relationships and communications that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

Move away from disparate spreadsheets and databases to a single version of the truth. Get one view of contact history with customer or prospects including easy to use tasks and activities for your teams.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Demand Generation

Whether you are capturing leads from your website, customer services, sales or through email marketing campaigns, ViewPointCRM is the key hub for tracking demand, providing teams with follow-up activity or production of quotations and building pipeline.

Through integration with email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp, ViewPointCRM can provide key insight to help your teams cross-sell, up-sell and generate new business.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Escalations

With ViewPointCRM’s workflow and quotation capabilities, financial sign-off for quotations or problem escalation can easily be built into your online process flow, speeding up escalations with in-built tracking and reporting.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Funnel Management

Even the best salesperson may fail to meet their targets if they are not good at managing their sales funnel. An efficient sales funnel can be very beneficial to your organisation and help you achieve your sales goals. Key benefits of effective funnel management:

  • Allows you to disregard leads that do not have value to you
  • Help and guide sales and marketing teams to engage and nurture leads based on which stage they are in the funnel
  • With an accurate sales funnels, it will help you to forecast sales for the next month, quarter or sometimes for a year or more
  • Empowers the sales team to be more focused on their targets, and makes the entire process transparent

ViewPointCRM allows salespeople and their management a clear view of historic, current and future pipeline and allows users to drill into opportunities, move them into the future, add notes and see value, predicted value, win / loss rates and much more in an easy-to-use graphical interface.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Governance

Governance is the set of policies and rules that organisations implement for managing their data, many of which can be built within a CRM solution, but not all. The goal of data governance is to ensure usability, availability, consistency, and quality of the data. Bad data can cost organisations significantly in wasted time and effort, not to mention lost sales and poor customer experience. A robust data governance framework built into your CRM design can reduce risk and waste whilst maximising data effectiveness.


ViewPointCRM has been developed to cope with even the most complex of organisational structure, allowing your users to navigate easily across an organisation to find the information they need.

Company hierarchy data is more than just a family tree that offers context about your customers and prospects. It helps sales teams streamline and improve their entire strategy when approaching a customer, particularly in a complex sale. They can easily build up a view within ViewPointCRM of who the key influencers and decision makers might be and start to build up their sales approach accordingly.

 Integration with Key Systems

As the market for CRM solutions matures, organisations are increasingly finding that traditional, stand-alone CRM software can become a barrier to business efficiency. This is especially true for organisations with complex sales cycles that involve not just front office customer service and sales personnel, but also back office engineering and manufacturing functions.

At StyleTech Solutions, we have worked with public and private sector organisations for over twenty years to integrate, develop and manage front and back-office systems to drive productivity and extend the life of legacy systems.

Joint Working

ViewPointCRM has been developed with collaboration within teams and across departments at the heart of the product. Below are just a few examples of joint working in action:

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 enhances joint working further through integration of email and calendar so that activity within both packages are synchronised seamlessly in real-time.
  • Key users within a complex process can be kept informed of progress of workflows through notifications and emails.
  • Managers have access to dashboards showing outstanding, deferred and complete activity, giving them a clear view of their teams progress.
  • Real-time reporting of activity can help with resource management, escalations, problem management and pipeline management.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Generating KPIs is not simply a matter of producing and arranging colourful graphs and charts. A KPI must be thought out and meet specific criteria, designed to assist the decision-making processes.

ViewPointCRM can track very specific criteria throughout the customer lifecycle and present this information to the reporting hub for tracking activity, sales and quotations.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Lead Conversion

You can use your ViewPointCRM to collect lead generation data from a variety of sources. These sources include manual entries, website sign-up, prospect surveys, telephone or email enquiries, events and many more.  With ViewPointCRM, all lead-relevant data flows to a single location. This allows for easy retrieval and a comprehensive history on each lead.

All information that is redundant or no longer needed can be easily deleted to avoid clutter and be compliant with GDPR regulations. ViewPointCRM will provide a detailed insight into your leads, their behaviour, and potentially previous purchase patterns. It can collect data on similar products the leads are using, their location, niche, and so on.

With this information at your disposal, your company can tweak its advertising and sale strategies for the best results.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Modular Approach

ViewPointCRM has been built to be a modular solution.

ViewPointCRM comes with four modules as standard:

  • Contact View
  • Sales View
  • Service View
  • Discovery View

You can find out more here.

ViewPoint Vantage includes all the benefits of ViewPointCRM plus:

  • Customisation of Quotes and Workflows to suit your business
  • Integration with key systems – e.g. Website, ERP and Billing
  • Full professional services support throughout design, build, integrate and test
  • Admin and end user training
  • Standard Support with chargeable enhanced support

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Nurturing Relationships

Building relationships is crucial to long-term business success. By nurturing relationships with prospects and customers, organisations drive engagement and loyalty. This is where a ViewPointCRM can really add value to your organisation.

By presenting a single view of the customer ViewPointCRM can support nurturing customer relationships in the following ways:

  • Customer Knowledge – you can save all activities, projects, sales, email exchanges, invoices, orders, contracts, or customer service requests that a contact has ever been involved in. ViewPointCRM allows you to know who your contacts are and what they want.
  • Keeping Promises – Through automated workflow, complex task management and calendar integration you can ensure that you deliver what you have promised, when you have promised it.
  • Everyone informed – By keeping customer information updated, everyone in your organisation can see all key customer interactions ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date data.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Organising Documentation

ViewPointCRM gives organisations the ability to store all customer and prospect documents in an easy-to-use area against contacts and companies. Users can access all key documents pertinent to their role, removing the need for emailing large documents around the organisations and ensuring that the most recent documents are available to access.

All documents are available across multiple devices, allowing easy access to engineers or salespeople in the field.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Pipelines

A consistent view of your pipeline is crucial for management and salespeople alike.

Inconsistent sales processes lead to a lack of opportunity visibility and hinders salespeople from taking prospects through the sales journey. Building a robust sales pipeline helps manage opportunity stages, identify win/loss deals and spot slippage on major opportunities.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMQuotation Management

We work with ViewPointCRM customers to build bespoke quotation capabilities unique to their organisation. We have found that a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, even within the same vertical market.

As standard, we build a single quotation template for your sales and service teams for quotations. For more complex product and services structures we work to build templates for your teams to use.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Reporting

ViewPointCRM comes with a reporting dashboard as standard but tailored to your organisation.

Standard Reports:

  • Pipeline
  • Quotation
  • Workflow

ViewPoint Vantage takes your reporting to the next level, allowing power users within your organisation to create complex reports and with support from the StyleTech team pull in data from other data sources to create bundles of reports.

All reports can be scheduled in advance to be available on a set date and time and to notify key individuals as soon as they become available.

A to Z ViewPoint CRMSales Performance Management

ViewPointCRM’s powerful pipeline dashboard allows sales management and senior management to access team and individual sales performance against sales targets in real-time. From this dashboard you can drill down into individual opportunities, historic sales performance and forecast outcomes.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Task Management

Keeping track of individual assigned tasks is key to ensuring smooth operational running. Every user has direct access to their outstanding task activity from their own dashboard and can set alarms, notifications and re-assign tasks quickly and easily.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Understanding your customer

Having a comprehensive understanding of your customers is key to achieving core business goals. Whether you’re trying to improve customer experience, create more engaging content or increase sales, knowing your customers better is key.

ViewPointCRM has been developed to give a complete view of your customer contacts, company information, sales pipeline, historic sales revenues and much more.

Our new relationship hub is a powerful tool that can quickly allow you to navigate around contacts and companies, pictorially showing company hierarchies and inter-relationships between contacts.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Version Control

Keeping control of customer documentation can be a challenge, especially if users are emailing documents around the organisation. With ViewPointCRM all customer documents can be stored in a folder structure against contacts and companies, ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent documentation.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Workflow

Workflows in ViewPointCRM allow you to automate or semi-automate simple and complex business processes within your organisation. You can create basic workflows with out-of-the-box functionalities or work with the StyleTech team to develop more complex workflows that require system integration or 3rd party APIs. Workflow processes can run in the background or in real-time and can optionally require a user input.

Workflows can be triggered based on specific conditions or can be started manually by users.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM eXpectation Management

Ok, we cheated with ‘X’, but you shouldn’t cheat on setting customer and internal expectations. Through integration with Microsoft 365 and because ViewPointCRM has been developed to work across multiple devices, notifications, reminders and appointments help your teams deliver against their commitments. Together with scheduled reports, users can be armed with all the information they might need to provide a consistent customer experience.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Year on Year (and other) Analysis

ViewPointCRM’s reporting can be enhanced by migrating or integrating with other systems to provide key historic data, allowing users to produce reports on current versus prior years. This could be sales orders, recurring revenues, customer contacts, quotations and so on.

All reports are able to be exported to spreadsheet / database formats so that power users within your business intelligence, finance or marketing teams, can manipulate data for other business use or analysis.

A to Z ViewPoint CRM Zapping Poor Data

Whilst governance of data entry into a CRM is crucial, most CRM implementations require importing or syncing of data from other legacy systems. Ensuring that your data is clean and in the correct format prior to use within CRM is a crucial part of any CRM implementation. StyleTech are experts in helping organisations in cleansing, migrating and syncing data to ensure a smooth transition to ViewPointCRM.


We hope you enjoyed the A to Z of CRM Functionality and hope that you are now armed with more information when considering purchasing a new CRM solution.

At StyleTech, we’re here to help our customers with their CRM journey and guide them through the process from A to Z! Get in touch with our team today for a demonstration and to discuss your needs.